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Flooring Solutions Cape Town

Many of our clients aren’t sure what they should select. Different areas within your home or business require specific flooring solutions. We come to your home or business and help you make informed decisions. We will take the time to explain our range of products and offer the best solution for the type of flooring required. We use our own installers, and, we have the best-qualified staff who truly care about providing you with the highest level of service.

At New Wave Interiors, we have access to the best assortment of flooring and carpet solutions in the country, and we bring them to you at the lowest price possible.

Carpet Tiles

Berber Point 650

Delivering on the world-renowned Berber Point reputation for durability and performance, Berber Point 650 is an amazingly versatile and cost-effective carpeting solution. The fibre technology used for Berber Point 650 is Belgotex’s Stainproof Miracle fibre (Polypropylene).

Berber Point 920

The undisputed heavyweight champion, now with the inclusion of new bright exploding colours offers limitless combinations. Versatile, rugged and reliable, Berber Point 920 still remains the NO.1 choice for architects.

Cast – Exposed

A design characterised by the smooth industrial finish of solid cast concrete.

Central Park – Belvedere

If you take a walk through the middle of Central Park, you may find yourself at a whimsical miniature castle called ‘Belvedere’, that also serves as a weather station. ‘Belvedere’ means ‘beautiful view’ in Italian and set high on Vista Rock, this citadel provides captivating views of the park and New York cityscape.

Picasso Range

The Picasso Commercial Tile range is not only affordable, but also durable, quick & easy to install and has a range of designs and colours from which to choose from.


Offering a unique wood-look surface – and now offered in a variety of colours inspired by the trees and lumber companies of Connecticut – Hartford is scratch-resistant, slip-resistant and water-resistant. It is a convenient, practical flooring solution that enhances the aesthetic features of office lobbies, educational institutions, shopping malls and other heavy traffic areas that need visually appealing floor design combined with exceptional durability.


This innovative vinyl product is the perfect choice for a contemporary setting. Offering a smooth, fashionable surface, Toledo is durable, water-resistant, and a convenient, practical flooring solution for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms. Because cushion vinyl is scratch-resistant and slip-proof too, it’s perfect for young families with children – and for grandparents too!

Mountain Collection

Natural Embossed surface as well as a 4 sided bevel edge to create a more authentic looking wood floor.

Grass Collection

natural-looking turf cover, with the added convenience of buying on a roll. The DIY Collection has a host of designed suited to multi-purpose use and that’s why we call it the “Anywhere Grass”. Cut the roll to a customize size for a lush play area at home, or to green the balcony of your stylish urban pad. It can even be used to bring texture to a room as a wall-covering solution

Vinyl Flooring

Wooden Flooring

Engineered Wood

Engineered wooden floors have become much in demand in recent months because although the customer gets a natural wood floor, it is manufactured in a multi-layered system with real hardwood as the top layer and supported by Hevea (rubberwood) – a plantation wood in the centre, and provided with a softwood as the base.

Lifestyle Bamboo

Lifestyle’s Solid and Engineered Bamboo flooring combines the beauty of nature with innovative technology to bring you a range of exciting flooring solutions for your home. Created from 100% sustainable and renewable bamboo, LifeStyle flooring is manufactured using our patented Technology™ to transform the original exotic grass into a premium quality, high performance flooring material. The final result is not only one of the most durable timber floors on the market (with nearly 3 times the hardness of Red Oak) but a uniquely natural visual that will add style and beauty to every room.

Carpet and Flooring Cape Town

Carpet and Flooring Cape Town

Carpet and Flooring Cape Town

Carpet and Flooring Cape Town